Happy Holidays

 2018 was a wonderful and successful year for CMI -- more than 250 adult and youth rowers participated. We reached our number one goal to deliver an amazing rowing experience and our members responded with higher participation. CMI added rowing times, expanded our safety training, provided more regattas and special excursion rows, and held well-attended social events. Our club rolled out a new online platform to enhance communication an improve our members’ on-line experience. We are also looking forward to offering a sculling program that has been taking shape over the fall and should be ready next spring. These achievements would not have been possible without support from residents, businesses and associations in the community. We are most thankful.
Won’t you help keep our momentum on the upswing? Please consider a contribution. CMI is a 501(c)3 approved charitable organization and your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Send along a check in the enclosed the envelope or make a credit card donation securely online at www.rowcmi.org.

Any amount will help and here are a few examples of our ongoing needs to help you guide your decision:
  • Annual maintenance for one of five boats: $1,000
  • One sweep oar or a pair of sculling oars: $400
  • 4 wheels for one seat: $60
  • Repair kit for an Erg: $60
  • Refurbish an erg or repairing seats in a boat: 1 hour volunteering – priceless! 
  • A new boat, Pilot Gig four: $20,000
All the best for the holidays season and a very happy new year.