Coxn Appreciation & CMI Scholarships Awarded

This is an evening where we give thanks to all the above and beyond efforts of our coxswains.  We have been so fortunate this year to have a legacy of young adults who most started with CMI years ago and earned their way to becoming our top coxswains.  They have done a phenomenal job not only steering and coaching their boats- adult and young- but teaching and motivating what we hope are next year’s or the year after’s, etc.. coxswains! 

This is also an evening where we award our CMI Scholarships to our talented college/university bound senior rowers.  This year we are pushing the envelope by awarding more than our typical number of scholarships and doubling our amounts as well!!  For a small organization such as ours, this is large step forward as we invest not only in growing our programs but focus on the future of young rowers. We hope one day these young adults will find themselves reflecting back to their good times at CMI or maybe they will be signing up to be future mentors,coaches, or rowers in our adult programs.

Please join us in celebrating all of our talented young adults. We will provide pizza and water, and we welcome attendees with last names A-L bring salads while M-Z bring desserts.