Congratulations to our rowers @ the CRASH-B's!!

Sunday March 1st was the CRASH-B Sprints/World Indoor Rowing Championship.  There was a great turn out of rowers- from ages 12 to 98 and traveling here from Belarus, Canada, China, Croatia, Denmark, France, UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine and of course all corners of the US- especially Boston.  A total of 1,136 rowers registered in 175 categories divided into 25 heats between 9am-4:30pm at the Boston University Track & Tennis Center.  In those numbers were 14 members of CMI (almost 15- sorry Aydin, you were missed but getting over pneumonia is more important!).

Representing CMI, but using their own will and determination were:

Youth Women - 4 minute Sprint
Shannon Grady (erg #7)
Annabelle Martin (erg #10)
Mason Joyce (erg #16)

Youth Men - 4 minute Sprint
Dimitri Peters (erg #19)
Mateo Reyes (erg #21)  *Placed 3rd
Finn Yemini (erg #22)

Junior Men U17 - 2000 meter
Ted Richardsson (erg #47)

Junior Men U19 - 2000 meter
Andrew Hoadley (erg #40)
Pran Teelucksingh (erg #43)

Lightweight Womens 50 - 2000 meter
Liz O'Connell (erg #50)
Laura Kennedy (erg #60)

Womens 55 - 2000 meter
Susan Bryant (erg #47) *Placed 4th
Cherylanne Harvey (erg #48)

Mens 50 2000 meter
Eric Penanhoat (erg #44)

Congratulations to all who participated and gave it their all, plus the supportive parents and friends who came out to cheer them all on!!  

A Special Thank You to Coach John Liffmann and Coach Karen Shusterman who not only helped get these rowers to this point but continued to urge them on throughout the multitude of heats, along with help from Susan B, CAbbie H, Liz O, Eric P. and David M.

For video coverage you can search YouTube for the 2020 USRowing Indoor Rowing National Championships and CRASH Bs. There are a few different videos of the event.   Be sure to keep your eyes open for our CMI youth & adults in the above events by their erg #, plus as an extra bonus there is the element of Where's Waldo but for us, it's Where's Wolfe?one of our beloved coaches and ever-ready Red Cross Volunteer.