Help needed for Masks for Massachusetts

Masks for Massachusetts
Dr. Michael Rosenblatt, Leahy Clinic, and his family seek volunteers to sew masks. 
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CMI in conjunction with CSCR would like to help find 30 volunteers to participate in the project. 

  1. It’s recommended that you use a sewing machine.
  2. The raw materials are already boxed for individuals to use. 
  3. You receive a yard of fabric along with thread, ties, and other supplies in your kit. 
  4. You should be able to make between 12 and 15 masks for each yard of fabric. 
  5. Each mask takes about 20 minutes to complete. 
  6. It’s recommended that you complete the job within 5-7 days.

How to Participate: 
  • Please email Jack Buckley if you would like to receive your box of supplies. 
  • Jack’s email address is
  • Use the Subject Line “Masks for MA volunteer”
  • Provide your name, town, and number of boxes desired. 

Pick up and drop off points will be staged in Cohasset and Braintree. 
Social Distancing rules will be in effect: 
  • Pending permission, supplies will be distributed in empty parking lots. It is hoped that high school parking lots in Cohasset and in Braintree can be used. 
  • Volunteers picking up supplies will wear gloves of their choosing.
  • Interactions with people will take place respecting the 6’ social distancing rule. 
  • 5-7 days later, the reverse will take place- volunteers will return their masks in the same box, following the same protocols. 

Masks will be delivered to South Shore Hospital, unless the group directs the need to a different hospital. 

Thank you to all who can help,

Jack Buckley
President and Founder
Center for Student Coastal Research

CMI Board 
Cohasset Maritime Institute