2020 Spring Ergathon Success! THANK YOU!


We almost do not know where to start because so many things about this Ergathon were amazing!  
  • Funds raised $15,022 when the goal was $10,000- Can we say we blew that goal out of the water without even touching the water?!
  • Our youth rowers all hit their 10,000 meter goal but more impressively is the skill, talent and strength they demonstrated while rowing.  They each seemed to have had a plan in their head and stuck to it.  They paced themselves up until the moment they sprinted to the finish and it was obvious when they did!
  • Our adult rowers each had individual goals that they reached or for some, surpassed.  Many can thank Coach Karen, who not only had her own goal, but motivated all with her coaching for the first hour of power.  We also had a few brand new adult rowers who made their debut at this event- thank you as it was inspirational!
  • Our sponsors and spectators, it was such a delight to have so many relatives and fans pop in from different parts of the world to support and cheer on our rowers.  You really made this rowing fundraiser into a fun and memorable event. 
  • Last but not least were the organizers and helpers of the event, from CMI Staff/Board: George Baumgarten, Karen Shusterman, John Liffmann, Laura Kennedy, Scott Lucitt, and Bobby Oliver, and from our youth crew family co-sponsors who helped set teh tone and motivate:  Annabelle and the Martin Family and Rex and Schiffmann Family.  Our heartfelt thanks goes out to you!  

Individually we can do good things, but as a crew working together, greater things become reality.  Thank you!

Please click the following links to view the CMI Youth Awards presentation  and more Youth Ergathon Zoom Screen shots!