CMI is gRowing

December 18, 2020 
  Greetings from CMI!                   
We know that rowing is one of the ultimate team sports.  What we did not fully realize, but now appreciate more than ever, is rowing’s adaptability and the committed community it fosters!  

What a year! 

Let’s keep erging!  As schools closed and sports cancelled due to the pandemic, CMI adapted by using Zoom and loaning out its ergs to middle and high school youth, to continue its indoor rowing program and annual Ergathon.  In June, we created a safe outdoor erging zone in the boathouse parking lot that kept 40 youth energized and growing non-stop through October. 
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Let’s start sculling!  When it became likely we could not safely run our sweep fours program this spring, CMI quickly shifted and invested in a fleet of sleek new 
                                        made-in-Massachusetts Echo rowing shells.  We designed a brand new safetyfocused Learn-To-Row program for sculling i.e., rowing with two oars, then trained our coxn/coaches to deliver it.  Nearly 20 middle and high school youth have learned to scull (a skill rarely available to youth rowers) and, in combination with rigorous erg training, are well positioned to continue their development in the sport of rowing– an affirmation of CMI’s mission toward youth. 
In addition, more than 40 adult members took advantage of the program to once again row the beautiful waters off Cohasset, albeit from a new perspective, as well as explore new waters previously inaccessible to CMI rowers, including the stunning North River from Norwell to Pembroke.   

2021 Here We Come! 
CMI has bold plans for the next 12 months: 
•       Grow our online and outdoor erging programs. 
•       Re-start our Fours sweep rowing program (in compliance with health safety guidelines.) 
•       Enhance our sculling program with the addition of one new double and introduce this exciting new program to more of our members. 
•       Enhance our administrative and coaching capabilities.  
CMI has been so pleased to grow its four-season programming in exciting new directions, to continue to provide seasonal employment and leadership roles for our youth alumni, and to attract new members seeking alternatives to sporting activities that have been restricted by the pandemic.  
How can you help? 
CMI has a twelve-month fundraising goal of fifty thousand dollars to keep our program fees affordable, to help compensate for increased staffing costs due to safety protocols, and to enable the maintenance and acquisition of equipment including boats, oars, dollies, ergs and more. 

Please consider making a donation at .
Feel free to contact me or any member of the Board if you have questions or need additional information. 
Thanks in advance for your support! 

Eric Penanhoat
President, CMI
Cell 617.678.0114 

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CMI is a 501(c)(3) approved charitable organization.  Contributions are tax deductible.