C.R.A.S.H.-B's Virtual is on, are you in?

This year's annual US Rowing Indoor National Championships/C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships will take place virtually on March 7th.  What this means is that you, and everyone else around the world, get to compete from the privacy of your home while having your erg information broadcasted live to each other and fans who view the online real time heats.  

A few things to note for this year:
1) You will need a Concept2 erg to participate in the real time heats on March 7th.  There is a Participation Race option for non Concept2 rowers where you will need to submit your 2000 meter piece between March 1-6th. See the race packet for more details. If you do not have a Concept2 erg but want to compete in the real time heats, please reach out to us as we might be able to get you access to one for the day.

2) Event categories this year.  There is no youth 4 minute event.  All events are 2000 meters.  

  • The individual age categories are:   Under 15 (U15) includes those who turned 14 in 2020, Under 17 (U17) includes those who turned 16 in 2020, Under 19 (U19) includes those who turned 18 in 2020, Under 23 (U23) includes those who turned 22 in 2020.  From here there are Masters categories by age, with an overlap, from age 21 and up.  Each category has a Men's and Women's field.
  • There are Team Relays.  Teams of 4 will together row 2000 meters.  Team categories are: U15 Mixed Relay (must be 1/2 women, 1/2 men), U17 Men, U17 Women, U19 Men, U19 Women, U23 Men, U23 Women, Men's Masters 49 and below, Women's Masters 49 and below, Mixed Masters 49 and below, Men's Masters 50 and above, Women's Masters 50 and above, Mixed Masters 50 and above, Women's Open, Men's Open 
    • Please note, relay team rowers can not stop until the whole team rows a total of 2000 meters.  This means each rower may not necessarily row just 500 meters, if you have one rower who is faster they may end up rowing more than 500 meters.
  • Rowers may compete in an individual and team heat, but you must erg in both real time events!

Here are the steps you will need to follow to signup by the  deadline on March 1st 2021.  

All the instructions are in the Entry Packet , Click here --> US Rowing 2021 Entry Packet 
Details when registering: 

  • CMI is not covered by the USRowing insurance. You will have to follow these basic steps(page 7 of EntryPacket):
    1. Signuprenew a USRowing membership (basic membership of $10 is enough)
    2. Sign up for the CrashBs on RegattaCentral. When asked for club affiliation , choose the ‘Unafilliated’ option.
    3. Remember to select the appropriate UXX category as described above and in the packet.
  • Once registered, you will receive instruction on how to connect your Erg to the timing website, or click here--> Time Team Regatta Systems  
    •  Here are the key points:
      • Connect the Erg Monitor to a computer: for CMI erg, contact me (penanhoat@yahoo.com) to get the right cable of which I have 15. 
        If you have your own erg and want to purchase a cable, Concept2 sells the cables (https://shop.concept2.com/model-d/81-usb-cable.html).
      • You can test the connection by going to the timing website ahead of time, once you have registered to the CrashBs. You will need a code that will be sent in your registration confirmation
      • Connecting is simple and requires Google Chrome as a web browser.

Please contact Eric Penanhoat for any question you might have: penanhoat@yahoo.com, (617) 678 0114.