Virtual C.R.A.S.H.-B.'s Rowers PR'ed!



There was a great turn out in this year's virtual edition of the 2021 US Rowing Indoor National Championships/C.R.A.S.H.-B. Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships.  Over 1,300 rowers from all over the world entered and connected in from their homes or rowing clubs to participate.  Not only did they have to train and push themselves physically but they also had to be a bit tech savvy to make sure their connection was good.  There were a few participants that were dropped off as their connections were not strong or stable enough.  Thankfully that was not the case for our 13 youth and 3 adult CMI rowers.

The virtual event was streamed live via Youtube using a creatively crafted leader board which looked similar to their past live events.  There was few audio issues and a false start here and there but overall this 2021 event was a success for many rowers.

We'd like to Acknowledge and Congratulate our CMI rowers that took on this tough challenge, some for the first time ever. In fact our youngest rowers had to step up and push even harder as this year the typical introductory heat of rowing for 4 minutes for the furthest distance was removed, and they were put right into the full 2k race.  Not an easy feat!  Many of our youth rowers were on the younger side of their age group and/or up against 100 to almost 150 other rowers. We were so proud to see all the hard work pay off as many of our rowers established an official race time or outperformed their previous best for their new personal record!!

Womens U15:        Julia Joyce, Sinead Mensching, and Shannon Grady
Mens U15:              Dean Livermore
Womens U17:        Mason Joyce
Mens U17:             Christian Bunge, Ted Heffernan, Luke Haddad, Mateo Reyes, Aydin Tiryaki, and Finn Yemin
Womens U19:        Lindley Day and Miranda Schmidt

Womens MF:             Birgit Schmidt-Wesche
Mens Master D:       Eric Penanhoat
Mens Master F:        Jack Buckley


Overall each and everyone of our rowers should be proud of themselves.