Rowing in hot weather : hydration

Rowing in hot weather - Hydration


Keeping yourselves well hydrated is imperative for rowing in hot weather. Bringing a bottle of water on a row is not enough. For your health and safety, we strongly suggest you drink plenty of water days and hours BEFORE rowing.  


Recommendations from our coaches

•   Half Gatorade and half water in a bottle is more effective than each alone. Both have electrolytes but you cut some of the sugar you don’t need. 

• Adding Nuun tablets to your water add extra electrolytes. (Outside In in the village sells them).

• Only drink water. Your usual cup of coffee in the morning is fine (tea is even better!) but throughout the day, cut out sodas, fruit juices and other sugary drinks. Make water your only option!

Your body will thank you!

*and don’t forget sunscreen, hat and sunglasses!*