Congrats C.R.A.S.H.-B Sprint Rowers

Congratulations C.R.A.S.H.-B Sprint Youth Rowers! This past Sunday March 5th some amazing past and current youth rowers showed true grit and mental toughness as they took on this personal challenge- some with new personal bests!! 

Women's U17: Elena Cain

Mens U19: Christian Bunge, Nick Hoadley, Noah McDowell, Mateo Reyes, Finn Yemini

Mens U17: Isa Murry, Oisin Rowan, Evan Welsh

Mens U15: Theo Gurtz

Thank you to Coaches Frank Townsend, John Liffmann, and Karen Shusterman for being at these rowers side and to the super fan parents, family members and friends who were able to attend or cheer from home!!

Pictures from the event are posted on row2k website where you can also see Dottie Stewart once again take on the challenge and establish the first ever 100+ age category!!-->CRASH-B Sprints Photo Galleries